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All of our draftsmen have many years experience of drafting bills of costs in complex matters.

Additionally, we have an enviable reputation in the recovery of costs post litigation.

We offer a complete 'Cradle to grave' costing service and offer the following:

  • Drafting of Bills of Costs
  • Comprehensive preparation of Points of Dispute / Replies
  • Attendance at Detailed Assesment / CMC Hearings
  • Preparation of Cost Budgets and Precedent H documentation
  • Full negotiation service to maximise recovery
  • 10 Day maximum turnaround
  • FREE Collection service for large files to save you the cost of the DX

Do you need an Inter Partes Bill, Points in Dispute, a bill or breakdown for own client costs, precedent H costs budgets or estimates of costs?

We can deliver quickly and efficiently while providing a personal and dedicated service.

Costs Budgeting

Services that we provide:-

  • The preparation of the Budget itself and then negotiating with your Opponent where relevant.
  • Consideration of your Opponent’s budget and providing advice
  • Attendance at the CCMC (when needed)
  • Updating the Budget as the case proceeds (this is a very important aspect not always properly understood). Failure to advise your Opponent of departures from your agreed Budget and failure to notify the Court at the same time can be fatal to your final claim for costs.

Points of Dispute and Points of Reply

In both instances, time is of the essence. Whereas Points of Reply were always deemed optional and something that could be prepared if negotiations fail and the case needs to proceed to detailed assessment, the Rules today are such that a failure to provide Replies within 21 days of Receipt of the Points of Dispute will preclude you from serving and relying on Replies should detailed assessment be required. That situation means that on a Provisional Assessment (up to £75,000), the Costs Judge only has the Bill and Points of Dispute to refer to – a significantly one sided situation that is definitely not in the receiving party’s favour!

As with the Points of Dispute, the points of Reply are returned within the timescale set out in the Rules (unless of course they are sent outside of the relevant time limit when of course they will be prepared in the shortest possible time in order to allow for an urgent relief from sanctions application!).

We also advise on appropriate Part 36 offers to make or for that matter on Part 36 offers that have been received.

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